Most deliveries are “Tailgate Delivery”, meaning the driver is responsible for bringing freight to the tailgate (rear) of the truck. Receiver (Church) is responsible for unloading the freight and moving it into the building. If you do not have a loading dock it will be necessary to unload off the back of the truck, so it is advisable to have several able bodied individuals to do the lifting. Stacks of chairs should not be dropped or slid down the tailgate, as this usually results in damage.

The driver or terminal is requested to advise at least 24 hours ahead of delivery. Chairs are generally shipped in stacks of 10 to 14 chairs. The chairs are set in a small steel skid and wrapped in cardboard and then plastic shrink wrapped. Stacks of chairs weigh between 250 and 300 pounds, and are cumbersome to move without proper equipment. There are at least two good options once the chairs are off the truck.

  1. Use a Heavy Duty Hand Truck or a Refrigerator Truck, which is a two wheel hand truck with a wide base and straps to secure the load. A U-Haul Dealer would have them for rent.
  2. Remove the packaging from the stacks of chairs and use a specially designed Chair Truck to move the stacks of un-wrapped chairs into the building. This same Chair Truck would be used to transport the chairs with-in the building, and may be ordered with the chairs.

Freight Damages: Visible damages should be noted on the driver’s freight bill. Please contact Church Chairs Direct for any hidden damages within 14 calendar days.